We would like to acknowledge that we are incredibly fortunate to work, live and produce Revol Girl on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish People.

The Revol Girl Story

We are Menstrual Product Activists!


Revol Girl's founder Sara Jonsdottir has experienced every mentionable mishap during her cycle,

much like every other woman out there.

 After years of ruining underwear by starting early, overflowing her tampon or thinking she had completed her cycle, when in fact it was still going strong, she was motivated to find an alternative. Sick of falling for commercial tampons claiming to never leak or pads that were meant to feel “barely there”, she knew she wanted to create something entirely different.


Here at Revol Girl, we believe that not only should we feel completely protected during our cycle, but we should feel comfortable and empowered at the same time. Each pair of underwear is designed to be worn on its own, and paired with your flow, with the heavy protection level undies worn on your heaviest days, the medium protection level on your medium day, and the light protection level on your light days! ‚Äč


Our size ranges from 2XS-5XL but we want to empower menstruators of all shapes and sizes, so feel free to contact us at info@revolgirl.com if you have any special requests.