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3 Pair Starter Pack

C$140.00 Regular Price
C$120.00Sale Price
Heavy Option 1
Heavy Option 2
Medium Option 1

Just choose your size and choose your styles!


Starter Pack

-2 Heavy Protection

-1 Medium Protection


The best way to get started with Period Proof Undies, set your self up with two heavy protection and one medium protection, so you can get through your cycle stress free!


Medium Option: This underwear is great on its own for light to medium days. They can also be used as back up on your heavy days for added protection!


Heavy Option: This underwear is great on its own for heavy days, if you are prone to an excessively heavy flow, get in touch and we can help you find the best fit.


***Each pair of Revol Girl underwear is hand-made in Vancouver BC, so please allow for 15 business days before the underwear is shipped to you.


*The discount is already taken off the product, no additional coupon can be used with it.


  • Find our size chart here!