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Fact 1: We all need something to bleed on! 

Inner Layer

  • Moisture-Wicking

  • Naturally Anti-Microbial

  • Breathable

Middle Layer

  • Absorbant

  • Leak-Proof

  • Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial

  • Breathable

Outer Layer

  • 4 way stretch

  • Stain-Proof

  • Breathable


Revol Girl Period Proof underwear is made up of 3 carefully selected fabrics that work together to create the ultimate combination of comfort and security. 


Each pair of underwear is designed to be worn on its own, and paired with your flow, with the extra heavy to heavy protection level undies worn on your heaviest days, the medium protection level on your medium day, and the light protection level on your light days! ​ After a day of wearing your underwear, rinse thoroughly and then toss them in the wash and reuse. 

For very heavy flows, caused by medical conditions, we would be happy to help find the best solution - just email us at and we will get you sorted!

Revol Girl carries various styles with different levels of protection to get you through your entire cycle.

Fact 2: We Should Be Better To Our Bodies!

Commercial menstrual products have been linked to far too harmful ingredients. Some containing dangerous toxins, some run the risk of causing Toxic Shock Syndrome. As well as some are made out of materials that may not be the best for us, certain tampons contain Rayon, which is derived from wood pulp and is known to leave behind minuscule fibres, which can lead to various vaginal complications including infections. When choosing products for one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies, why take the risk? Revol Girl underwear is risk-free!

Fact 3: We Should Be Better To Our Earth!

When considering disposable products such as tampons and pads, it has been said that a menstruator will go through over 11,000 menstrual products. Just picture the heaping pile of plastic applicators and packaging that is produced. It seems irresponsible of us to not make a change. With Revol Girl underwear you can go totally Zero-Waste with your period. Not only is using reusable products better for the environment, it is hugely beneficial to your wallet. It is estimated that menstruators will spend nearly $10,000 in their life time on menstrual products, not including having to replace countless stained underwear!

Fact 4: We are Menstrual Product Activists!

Every pair of our period proof underwear is carefully hand-made for YOU. Our goal is for our company to stay true to our values and keep our standards high! We care what goes in our bodies and in our oceans. That is why we want to stand up to huge corporations that are willing to sell us potentially harmful products and take back Menstrual Hygiene industry! Revol Girl underwear is a kick-ass alternative and you happen to be saving the planet a little each, cycle at a time.